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Seeking and Verifying the Truth...

     Accurate Solutions provides professional polygraph services to our clients.  The polygraph is a tool used in the detection of deception, or "lie detection," and the verification of truth.  We are headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Accurate Solutions is part of a team of independently owned and operated companies that perform polygraphs and statement analysis throughout the state of Oklahoma to meet your needs.

     Whether you are a defense attorney needing to find out if your client is being completely honest with you, or a law enforcement, government, or tribal agency in need of pre-employment or criminal tests; we have the ability to meet you at our office, or near your location, and provide you with the services you require.  If you are a drug court officer, probation or parole officer, or a sex offender treatment counselor with clients in need of polygraph examinations, we specialize in these services.  

If you are in couple's counseling, and need to verify the truth of your partner's actions to reform the foundation of a trusting relationship, we can provide you with this service as well. 

Accurate Solutions also provides statement analysis services.  Statement analysis is a tool used in the verification of truth in written statements.  It is an extremely valuable and proven tool in the verification of truth.  An added bonus to statement analysis is that many times it can be done through email, pdf's, or faxes.  Private businesses and employers: Statement analysis is a great alternative to the polygraph for use in suspected criminal acts within your company.

Accurate Solutions professionals uphold high standards of practice set by the state of Oklahoma and the American Polygraph Association.  Results of examinations are given in a timely manner.  Each examination is confidential in nature; results only being released to the people involved, unless otherwise required by law.  

Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire whether our services are right for you.


Areas of Practice

Post convicted sex offender testing (pcsot)

Sex Offender Counselors, Treatment Providers, and Probation and Parole Officers with clients in need of polygraph examinations: We are PCSOT certified.

pre-employment testing

We offer pre-employment polygraphs to local, state, and federal agencies.


defense attorney testing

Defense attorneys can represent their clients better, when they know the truth.  Attorneys who want to know if their client is telling the truth, we can help.

drug court testing

We offer tests to assist drug court officers / case managers.  These tests can identify if a client is using or masking drugs.

criminal testing

We offer criminal testing for federal, state, tribal, and local government agencies.  Testing for casinos on tribal land is available.

infidelity testing

Infidelity testing is available to find out if one's partner is being truthful.  We highly recommend seeing a relationship therapist in conjunction with taking one of these tests.

statement analysis

We offer statement analysis services.  Statement analysis is the methodical scientific analysis of written statements for truth verification purposes.  This is a good option for private businesses who suspect criminal activity within their company.


Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
— Buddha


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