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post conviction sex offender testing (pcsot)

Sex offenders on probation or parole, or in sex offender treatment programs are required to take periodic polygraph examinations in the state of Oklahoma.  If you or your clients need to schedule clinical polygraph examinations, we travel throughout Oklahoma and administer these tests.  Polygraph examiners must be licensed in the state of Oklahoma, as well as certified in Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) in order to administer these types of tests.  Accurate Solutions examiners are all certified in PCSOT.  We specialize in administering these types of tests.  

pre-employment testing

Pre-employment polygraph tests are often used for law enforcement agencies and federal agencies in the process of hiring people.  These tests are used to verify an applicant's truthfulness in their hiring application packet.  If your agency needs this type of service please contact us .  


statement analysis

Statement analysis is the scientific breakdown of content within a written statement.  It can be extremely valuable in identifying if a statement is truthful or not.  It can also identify key elements within a statement that might shed light on psychological mindset, investigative leads, and omitted information.  It can be used to clear the truthful suspect, or identify the deceptive.  Here at Accurate Solutions, we use the Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) technique.  

defense attorney testing

Defense attorneys often need to know if their client is telling them the truth or not.  It is no secret that client control and management can often be challenging.  Sometimes, clients may refuse to face the facts or reality, or maybe you just need to verify that they are telling you the truth.  Questionable client testimony can make things difficult for an attorney trying to represent their client.  Full disclosure allows an attorney to prepare properly for their client's case, allowing them to represent their client in the best way possible.  The truth is important.  Attorney-Client privilege is strictly followed when attorneys request us to administer a polygraph examination.

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criminal testing

Criminal testing is a cornerstone of polygraph.  Law enforcement, government, and tribal agencies may request that we perform a criminal test in order to find out the truth.  The truth can clear innocent suspects, or identify perpetrators.  Clarity on the truth is paramount when considering filing charges on a suspect.  From vandalism to murder cases, a polygraph can be used to find the truth.  Casinos on tribal land may also request polygraph services.  Private businesses fall under a different set of rules for the polygraph.  See Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.  Private employers who are considering polygraph services for their situation, please consider our statement analysis service (see below).  Private cases can often be cleared up without needing a polygraph examination.

infidelity testing

Infidelity testing can be used to rebuild the foundation of trust within a relationship.  Before we will administer this type of test, it is important for a couple to already be in couple's counseling or seeing a therapist about your relationship issues.  Infidelity tests can often give both partners peace of mind in a turbulent time in their relationship.  We care about our clients here at Accurate Solutions, and encourage you to see your therapist following your infidelity polygraph test.

drug court testing

Drug court officers may opt to administer a polygraph examination to their clients when they suspect that a client is relapsing, masking his or her drug test, or in denial that a relapse has occurred.  The polygraph is an excellent tool to use in the verification of truth, or identifying a deceptive client.